Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cycling, cross country and a Dragonfly

It will be nice when it's warm enough for Dragonfly's to perform their dainty dance again. At least we are moving in the right direction, it has been a mild week end here in Scotland. I made the most of it by going out on a huge bike ride over the Lammermuir hills. I went through some places I hadn't heard of before. At one point my pal Frank and I were up higher than the wind turbines!! Today, I took part in the Borders cross country race at Norham and I would guess that it was the muddiest, wetest race I've been in. The organisers made sure that we got properly wet by routing us through a burn (stream) nine, yes nine times, so now I'm feeling tired but happy.
The Dragonfly was done about a year and a half ago and has spent most of it's life on the wall of the art room at Tynepark. The funny thing is it went missing for a couple of weeks and then returned to the same place. Maybe he was visiting relatives.

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  1. Dear Ray,
    Very beautiful watercolor, particularly, colors are so lovely. Congrats!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Hi Ray - thanks for visiting my challenge blog. I'd love to see your new work inspired by my prompts. Love that you jumped out to go somewhere new! Wet, muddy runs are fun - hoping to have a few once all our snow melts. You put a lot of effort in to make those delicate dragonfly wings. The soft background makes sure he wasn't overpowered. Funny to think he'd gone to visit relatives. LOL Hugs, and good health!

  3. Dear Sadami
    I put a reply up to you the other day, but it has gone missing, so here I am again :)Thank you for your encouragement. It's great to know that you are visiting my blog... keep up all your good work... you are a joy to the world.


  4. Hello scrapacat
    Thanks for stopping by. We have had a lot of snow this yeat too! It's now changed into frosty or rainy days... I want some sun! I like your blog... I'll go back and take another look at it.

    Take care