Sunday, 3 February 2013

Butterdean woods - East Lothian

Harvey and I went for a walk in Butterdean woods today. As usual, all he needed was his ball to run after. I needed a good pair of wellies, which are kept in the car for times like these.

This looks perfect for some young people that I know.

We had the woods to ourselves and some of the paths had no mud at all.

Pretty soon we came across a nice old tree with lots of moss growing on it

Harvey decided to try a spot of tree climbing. Sometimes I'm sure he thinks he's a cat!

Harvey didn't get too far off the ground, so we decided to say hello to the Pixies and then went home for a cup of tea and a dog biscuit.


  1. beautiful pictures x salx

  2. aw would have loved to have been there without the pram stuck in mud this time!!! xxx