Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Prestonpans Tapestry

I took a look at the Prestonpans tapestry a couple of months ago. It has some great craftsmanship in it and it tells an interesting tale about the Jacobite  rebellion. The tapestry is huge, it went around the walls of St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral  in Edinburgh. The tapestry follows the route taken by Bonnie Prince Charlie from Glenfinnan in 1745. Each part of the tapestry was made in the area that the army passed through, which    means there are many different styles of embroidery  used in the telling of the tale. I particularly enjoyed looking at the East  Lothian section. The battle of Prestonpans is feature prominently and a  quirky bit of history about the battle is that the unfolding carnage was watched by a group of people from the tower just outside Longniddry, which still exists today. Here are a few photos of the tapestry.

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