Saturday, 9 June 2012

North Sea Cycle Route - the story so far

Hello bloggers. Here's the latest on my trip around the North sea cycle route. I reached Gotenberg yesterday in the worst rain of the trip so far. It was a relief not to put my tent up in it. I am staying with a friend until Tuesday to see the city and recover a bit from the journey.

My intention to post copies of my journal still holds good, but I have not been able to do so since leaving Stavanger, because I camped every night. It was more often wild camping rather that in a camp site and I had no wi-fi available in either place... so no ability to blog. This is likely to be the situation when I leave Gotenberg, but I will update when I can.

I have cycled 870.19 miles so far. The first part of the trip from Bergen to Fredrickstad were hilly, around Ergunsund where I did a mountain pass followed more  mountains.  The scenery in Norway on the C1 cycle route is truly superb. It takes you through out of the way places and along fjords and through forests. Some of it is on tracks. I have been off route alot of time but only truly lost once. If it hadn't been for two runners turning up  in the middle of the woods I would still be there now. Without exception, people have been helpful and friendly and always wished me a 'Good Trip' Crossing over the bridge at Idefjorden into Sweden was  a real milestone. I have travelled through the beautiful west coast islands on route to Gothenburg and I'm enjoying the city and few days off. Keep in touch with then blog and I will post the journal enteries, photos and paintings.



  1. Hello Ray! I'm glad to hear you got to Gothenburg safely. Thanks for returning the maps. Hope you'll enjoy your stay in Gothenburg. Wish you all the best on the rest of your bicycle tour. Best regards, Cilla E.

  2. well done dods sounds fabby very proud of you an dlook forward to seeing joural and pics etc love you lots xxx