Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow and that

Heavy, when used as an adjective often indicates that you are talking about a weighty subject or even a big person. In East Lothian heavy now means SNOW… lots and lots of it. When you have as much snow as we are getting you start to differentiate between light showers and heavy showers or even prolonged periods of heavy or indeed light snow. The snow in East Lothian has mostly been heavy and has either been the prolonged period or showery variety. There has also been the occasional light shower, just to fill in between heavy snow, a bit like a snack between main meals. All of this means that there are abundant beautiful scenes in the town and countryside to photograph. I have been doing just that with my new Cannon digital camera.

Harvey and I have been trudging through the snow and ice for weeks but the cold and atrocious conditions do not bother him at all. At some points the snow has been up above his shoulders. He just bounds over and through it and has a great time. He has also developed a habit of snorkelling under the snow and coming up with snow covered, icy bristles. Having a lot of fur helps of course.

As we have been walking through the ice and snow, I have noticed signs that the good people of East Lothian are becoming adapted to this weather. Last Sunday for instance, the snow ploughs were out and the paths were being cleared before the snow had even stopped. In the office, we are talking about what it will be like when we return to above 0 degrees freezing conditions… it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Harvey told me that he would like to send you a Christmas message and here it is.



  1. weather forecast from GFS, with snow maps

    snow rain maps

  2. Hi Ray I set out to deliver your Christmas card this afternoon but abandonned the attempt - side roads are still awful. So despite leaving little caches of cards around teh county, yours and Finalys are both back on my dining room table. Have a lovely Christmas!

  3. Thanks Christine
    Hope you have a great time too. I'm going to get some swimming in over the festive hols. See you next year x