Tuesday, 10 April 2012

North Berwick and Bass Rock

Here are a couple of different views of North Berwick. I've been going to the Art Group there for a couple of months and getting to like the place more than ever. There's such a variety of things to look at. This water colour takes in the harbour and North Berwick Law. The boat in the fore ground is called 'The Girl Pat.' I was told by someone in the Art Group that the owner named it after his daughter. There are some sail boats outside the harbour, no doubt associated with the local yacht club.

 My daughter, Sally is well into surfing. That's her on the left with one of her Joxy club  friends and a big Bass Rock in the background.


  1. fantbloodytastic dods!! xxx

  2. is the harbour one for sale - how much ?

  3. Hi Sandy
    Yes, the North Berwick painting is for sale. I haven't had time to frame it yet. Framed it would be £95. Unframed, you can have that and the one of Claire in the sea spray for £65