Saturday, 11 February 2012

Carnethy 5 - Hill Race

Went along to the Pentlands today to watch 600 runners take on the Carnethy 5. Apparently the places for the race were taken within 25 minutes of opening online, such is the appeal of this race. At 2 pm they were off in good cold conditions with no wind or ice. Slippy, clogging mud underfoot being the main difficulty for the runners - apart from the hills of course.

If you look carefully, you can see a lot of runners making their way up Carnethy hill.

Harvey and I went along to the first gate where the runners return. Harvey got excited seeing so many runners and wanted to join in... I've never heard him bark so much.

 After 40 odd minutes the first runner came bounding down the hill. Don't know his name but he had a HBT shirt on.

Angela Mudge was the first woman down.
Spotted three runners I know. Brian Davidson in his Dunbar colours. Saartje and Karen. They all looked impressive and had good runs.

Oh yes, and one man in a kilt.

Running down hill styles were interesting to watch. Some people flew down. Others, who run like me, tiptoed down and now and again, fell over.

I reckon the finishing line looked pretty welcome to a lot of people

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