Saturday, 9 April 2011

Travelling in New Zealand

I have  reached Christchurch and there is an autumnal feel to the weather. I am staying with Ian MacLellan, a friend of Saartje's in a very pleasant area near the coast. There is a lot of destruction obvious and not so obvious all around the area. The epicentre of the earthquake wasn't very far from here and some nearby cliffs and houses took a pounding.
I arrived here from Kaikoura. It is a tremendous coastal town near  to some deep ocean canyons which attract whales dolphins and seals. Yesterday morning I went whale watching on a very big sea swell. We saw two impressive Sperm whales and I got a photo of one diving.
I'm going to spend a few days in this area, doing a bit of cycling and then continue sounth to Dunedin and Queenstown

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