Thursday, 22 October 2009

Getting started


I'm Ray, welcome to my blog. It will be great to share some ideas with like minded bloggers. The tltle of my blog might change to reflect where I am heading at a particular time. This is because I like writing, painting, running, cycling and swimming. So depending on whether I'm injured, inspired or knackered the content of the blog might change to reflect that. Right now I'm injured so I'm not running but I am swimming and the desire to write is quite strong. As time goes on I might put some stories and poetry on here and if I can work out how - a painting or two. I'm learing to paint in water colour and it's a great thing to do. Oh the other thing I like is good music, particularly jazz. I'm listening to Smashing Pumpkins right now - not exactly jazz but very good. Did I mention I like reading.. well there you go. Swapping impressions on books would also be a great idea.

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to cycle in India. That's me (on the bike) just finishing the ride, which was in aid of LEPRA.


  1. this is the picture i have of you with me in my journal. i like it because 1.-u gave it to me 2.-you wrote a nice note of the back of it 3.-u look happy and boyish 4.-your in india, where i am 5.- beacuase we have had many nice cycles together and i like to think of cycling with you x

  2. Thank you Zoe, especially for the mention of our cycles together and the boyish bit